Poor professionality.Arrogant doctor which makes patient feel stupid and not listen to patient saying that the patient does not have to tell the doctor what to do when I asked politely to do more tests to check further o... read more

Stockholm #3,495 rating: 1/5

I loved this place! I didn't had to much expectations but boy was I surprised! I can really recommend Der Brendmo Platz and it's well worth a visit if you are in Stocholm.

Stockholm #3,131 rating: 5/5

Worst place I have ever been to! I went there today and ordered a risotto. The risotto was so salty I could not eat it. I tried anyway since I was hungry, but it was just impossible, even though I had a glass of wate... read more

Stockholm #2,454 rating: 1/5

My dog who is a very spoiled girl ate the food within ten seconds. Great service as well!

Stockholm #709 rating: 5/5

green smile all the time have fresh stuff .... with love ... and u can eat without fair of soker

Stockholm #610 rating: 5/5

Very nice and cosy "fika" place. Food, waffles and lovely staff, you just have to visit this nostalgic café at Södermalm.

Stockholm #32 rating: 5/5

Supergott, mysigt, nostalgiskt, jukebox, hembakat,våfflor, mat.... Vad mer kan önskas?

Stockholm #51 rating: 5/5