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School grated and newly built at Sjöfägelvägen since several years back. This vill led people to the wrong place and create confusion.

Åkersberga #2,075 rating: 1/5

Over a month ago, I had a problem with a employee putting money on my private account.I have been sending emails to the only address available,.Customer service. They tell me that it has been forwarded to the administrat... read more

Linköping #1,788 rating: 1/5

I've started to eat there with my school because of some reasons. Unfortuntetly the food there was/is not as good there. Most of the time we get boiled potatoes with some nasty meal. One time they served tacos to ou... read more

Västerås #1,759 rating: 2/5

Han kunde hjälpa mig i min rygg inom 3 behandlingar i en vecka. Jag provade många metoder och jag gjorde olika behandlingar och de hjälpte bara några timmar eller dagar men nu är jag Smärtfritt :) Helt fantastisk... read more

Halmstad #1,730 rating: 5/5

Jag har aldrig i hela mitt liv blivit så illa bemött.

Gothenburg #1,683 rating: 1/5

The last years I have been severral times for my work in Södertalje and have visit many times Templet. I have feld me there always very welcome. The service is good, friendly and gives good service. Even if I come with ... read more

Södertälje #922 rating: 5/5

Jäkla härligt paradis med både havs och skogsutsikt. Närliggande till pizzeria napoli. Akta er för aina om ni ska in där eller klättra doe.

Söderhamn #847 rating: 5/5

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