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Christofer Döss really love this life! I really love this life! I sure am Christofer Döss the Swedish sexual exhibitionist aka the life enjoying bisexual nude model nakencrille – and I just looooove being nake... read more

#3,753 rating: 5/5

Oh yes, I really am Christofer Döss the Swedish sexual exhibitionist and cock sucking cum eater aka the bisexual life enjoying nude model nakencrille - and I just loooove being photographed and filmed naked and aroused ... read more

#3,720 rating: 5/5

Poor professionality.Arrogant doctor which makes patient feel stupid and not listen to patient saying that the patient does not have to tell the doctor what to do when I asked politely to do more tests to check further o... read more

Stockholm #3,495 rating: 1/5

Går alltid dit jättefull men bra service och godaste nattklrubbet i stan!!! Säljer godaste gyrosen samt köttbullarna i världen. Dessutom är gubben i luckan otroligt trevlig och könner alltid igen en

Visby #3,469 rating: 5/5

First class garden center! Mycket kunnig personal, stort sortiment för trädgården, ett mysigt café och härlig lekplats för barnen. Öppet april tom oktober.

Lindesberg #3,321 rating: 5/5

I loved this place! I didn't had to much expectations but boy was I surprised! I can really recommend Der Brendmo Platz and it's well worth a visit if you are in Stocholm.

Stockholm #3,131 rating: 5/5

An amazing studio filled with vintage synths, efx and other cool stuff. Also do repairs and services old synths and gizmos. Insalled MIDI in my old synth - quick, clean and cheap! Recommended!

Sundbyberg #2,985 rating: 5/5

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